Tarot Tricks For Beginners

When a situation isn’t going your way-

Find the Wheel Of Fortune card, the cards on either side with explain the solution to your problem.

To bring money to you-

Shuffle, then pull the 1st, 5th, 10th, 20th and 50th card. They will tell you how to bring money your way.

To leave behind sadness-

Find The Moon and The Sun, the cards in between them are the number of steps you need to take to move forward.

To look into your future-

Find your nearest birth card. The first card underneath is what is approaching soon.

Card meanings:

Major arcana

(Upright position)

The fool- New beginnings, adventures, pleasure, passion


The magician- Originality, creativity, Will power, self-confidence


High priestess- Wisdom, knowledge, learning


The empress- nurturing, abundance, fertility


The emperor- authority, leadership, order from chaos)


Hierophant- Old knowledge, ritual, spiritual wisdom


The lovers- difficult choices, balance, union


The chariot- Victory, Discipline, determination, Will power


Strength- Goal achievement, success


The hermit- self reflection, solitude, inner guidance


The wheel of fortune- Happy events, changes, triumph


Justice- karmic justice, truth and honesty, life lessons


Hanged man- feeling trapped, lack of direction, uncertainty


Death- New beginnings, letting go, changes


Temperance- Balance, Moderation, inner calm (Yes)

The devil- materialism, unhappiness, powerlessness


The tower- Drastic changes, destruction, misfortune


The star- Bright future, positive changes, Dreams fulfilled


The moon- Deception, insecurity, hidden enemies


The sun- Positivity, self-expression, success


Judgement- Self-evaluation, awakening, renewal


The world- achievements, sense of belonging, completion


Table of elements:

Fire-Wands/Rods: imagination, creativity, intuition

Water-Cups: love, relationships, the emotions

Air-Swords: Thoughts, ideas, attitudes

Earth-Pentacles: finance, work, material things

Wands/rods describe your Spirit motion and action. When these come up it’s time to do something.

Cups describe your emotions and relationships. When these come up it’s time to listen to your intuition.

Swords describe your thoughts and state of mind. When these come up it’s time to make a plan and let go of worry.

Pentacles describe your material world, body and finances. when there come up it’s time to use your common sense.

Minor arcana:

Aces: Potential

Twos: wisdom

Threes: belief

Fours: compassion

Fives: rules and laws

Sixes: harmony

Sevens: victory

Eights: intellect

Nines: emotions

Tens: manifestation

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