Reading Candles for Yes or No Questions

🔥High, steady flame - Yes.

🔥Low, steady flame - No.

🔥Short, weak flame - No.

🔥Dancing flame - Needs more focus. Re-ground, concentrate, and ask again. 

🔥Violently flickering flame - Strong no. Take this as a warning (if you are positive the flickering is not caused by any outside force).

🔥Sputtering and crackling flame - There is more to your answer than a simple yes or no.

🔥Dual-Flame - Thinking, wait for your answer. 

🔥Flame leaning to the left - Yes.

🔥Flame leaning to the right - No. 

🔥Candle will not light - Now is not the right time to ask.

🔥Candle will not go out - You are not done yet. There is more to your answer that you need to hear.

🔥Candle goes out on its own before giving an answer - Now is not the right time to ask.

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